What is Beagel?


Beagel is an online service that helps users easily sell real estate digitally.  Beagel provides a simple and easy to use application that enables users to operate professional, online property sales with no prior experience.

Neither a portal, a CRM or an online estate agent, Beagel is a real estate bidding engine, powering digital property sales.

Beagel connects property buyers, sellers and estate agents in real time; enabling trustable, efficient, fast, 24/7 worldwide sales transactions making estate agents more efficient, competitive and profitable

When clients work with Beagel, they remove the high cost associated with the development of
technology – allowing organisations to improve their own commercial or competitive position.  Beagel provides award winning, highly efficient and innovative digital transaction technology that broadens users business offering, and increases the chance of closing valuable business opportunities.

According to Charlie Nunn Chief executive at HSBC “The process of buying a home will change beyond recognition in the coming years. It will be a more streamlined transaction, with buyers and sellers having greater control and relying much more on technology.

The HSBC Beyond The Bricks report found that the research phase of home buying is already digitised with 89% of people searching for property online, 86% researching prices online and 79% researching where to live.  The report further founds that the digital drop off occurs when buyers meet the agent, with 41% of that interaction taking place completely / mostly online.

Beagel technology is the next step in the buying process. Keeping buyers, sellers and agents digitally engaged throughout the transaction ensuring everyone involved in the sale knows what's happening, no matter where they are - live.

This has become increasingly more important in recent months.  Social distancing has accelerated digital adoption with 69.8% of the industry believing it has been permanently changed (Source: Coronavirus Impact Survey – April 2020, Online Marketplaces Group).  These same respondents believe that the main changes are:

  • More viewings online
Transactions completely online
  • Property buying process more efficient
  • Online payments
  • More remote working
  • More professional industry
Less agents / brokers – more centralized industry.

In short, change is not coming - its here.

Beagel’s white label framework of microservices is designed for corporate users.  This cutting edge, multi tier, multi stakeholder technology is built to suit clients business, not the other way around. Beagel allows clients to have the Best in Class service without having “reinvent the wheel”

In fact Beagel data shows consistently higher levels of bids with minimal disruption to agents ́ work practices. Furthermore real-time / instant data from Beagel offers unprecedented clarity on the live market all while connecting remote teams, instantaneously.

We all now know that the way business have to operate can change in a heartbeat. Beagel
technology ensure that clients' working processes are unaffected by unforeseen “black swan” events. Beagel technology help users to manage constraints and risks, all whist increasing margins with agency branded, core property transaction infrastructure.
Thousands of homebuyers trust Beagel’s software to make bids and buy property online.   Find out how your organisation can open new revenue streams, increase margins and deepen client relationships with world-class digital transaction technology by going to https://beagel.io.