Historical Homes: Things to know before you buy

Historical homes can be captivating.  Passed down for generations they embody romance and can really capture the heart.  But if you’re looking at an historic home, its important to not let your heart run away with your head.


Some of these properties may just be too run down.  Dealing with these types of properties can involve major renovations and may not be worth the cost or time to fix.  There may be no services, no electricity, no running water.  It’s easy to forget that older homes were not built like todays houses.  Indeed everything down to foundations may need to be redone.



Another thing to consider is the planning permission.   Not only will you need me and energy to plan reconstruction there also preservation orders to consider.  The paperwork alone is daunting.  Before buying the house, hire a surveyor and ensure you know whats ahead of you.  Will you need a specialised builder?  What’s your budget? Will you need a specialist architect?

The last thing you need is to buy a place and find out you cant touch it. There may be some sanctions against doing what you have in mind.  Check to see if a historical group has an interest on your new home. Historical groups can also require that certain the home be used for a particular purpose.



Learn the history of the house you hope to purchase.  Learning more about the previous owners and what the house was previously used for can give you an idea for future uses.  Many older homes will have an interesting story to tell.  Perhaps the history is so compelling that planners have a desire to see it turned into a museum or another kind of landmark.



If newer homes are not what you want in a home, older properties, with time and effort, may be well worth the price and time needed.  At the end of the day, home is where the heart is.