Beagel launches guided beta program



Irish proptech company Beagel, today announced that applications are open for a place in the Beagel Enterprise Beta programme.

Beagel provides mature and fully tested digital property sales capability to estate agents. Over the last several months, the software has gone through a ground up re-engineering aiming to transform user interface and experience.

The guided program sign-up is now open and the application is available for use exclusively for a limited number of private users, during which Beagel’s team will monitor feedback and input.

Based on data derived from over 4,000 users and €1bn of bid powered by Beagel technology, the core features for this release include: API microservices, scalable Microsoft backend, cloud infrastructure and simultaneous, live functionality for multiple stakeholders.

According to CEO Healy Hynes, Beagel Enterprise represents a quantum leap in the way online property sales are conducted.  Beagel Enterprise lowers cost and allows clients to reach the market sooner.  All users can remain native in their own applications with functionality for multiple stakeholders.

This innovative framework of microservices brings together everything required to sell real estate globally.  The Microsoft supported tech stack is designed to be integrated with users existing tools so your clients have the Best in Class service without having “reinvent the wheel”.

The company is currently onboarding a limited number of clients to the program and people wishing to request an invite may do so through the company’s website,