Why Great Homes Don't Sell

You have a fabulous home in a great location, yet it’s been sitting on the market for months with little or no interest. What can you do?

Real estate is a fickle business with markets fluctuating according to season, the economy and supply and demand. The general market aside, there could be other reasons your great home isn’t selling.

One of the top reasons great homes don’t sell is because they are overpriced. Setting a sale price for your home is tricky business. You want to get the maximum possible return on the sale without alienating potential buyers with a too-high price. Many home sellers also mistakenly think padding the price of their home gives them an opportunity to negotiate down toward a more reasonable selling price. While this may seem logical, your initial high price may be driving away potential buyers put off by your over-valuation of your home. They may think your home is simply out of their price range, or that you are being greedy or unreasonable in your thinking. 

It is important to price your house according to the market in which it is located. For example, a house located near schools and other amenities may sell for more than an identical house situated in a remote area with few amenities. Additionally, if there are a lot of houses for sale in your neighbourhood, it becomes a buyers’ market and you may not be able to secure the price you think you should get if your neighbours are willing to go lower. Finally, there are trade-offs when selling your house: a lower price usually means a larger market of potential buyers and a faster sale while a higher price means a smaller market of potential buyers and a slower sale. If you are determined to get a certain price for your home, you must be prepared to wait to get it.

Another reason your house may not be selling is exposure. Are you trying to sell it yourself? If so, it may be difficult to arrange showings around your work and family schedule, therefore limiting the potential for a sale. Listing your house with an estate agent may give you the exposure boost you need to sell your home. Not only does an agent have more flexibility in showing your home, he or she will also advertise the house and can take advantage of online bidding platforms like beagelbid to help make it easier for bidders.

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