Political Reaction To Housing Crisis

Recent pieces in the news clearly illustrate that the Irish housing crisis is being used as a political football. Claims that the Housing Minister has 'gone missing' are sensationalist and non-productive. Regardless of what you think of any Minister's performance, it really would be great to know what critics expect the Government to do in the short term. This is an issue that’s 10 years in the making, will be a painfully slow fix and requires a multi pronged solution. The harrowing experiences we see around us are an expression of the fact that we as a nation have failed. Not just the government, not just the opposition, not just the banks, not just the landlords.

We' re all responsible. You, me, everyone. Finger pointing gets us nowhere. It’s a set up for a general election pure and simple. It’s cynical and shortsighted regardless of your political persuasions. Real solutions require the ability to stop the blame game. Decide on what kind of society we want, then make active steps to achieve that. Accepting that there will mistakes along the way, not getting caught in the weeds but having an objective in sight with tangible results to measure along the way.

Times Have Changed, So Have Property Sales