Choosing an Estate Agent: 6 Questions To Ask

Choosing an estate agent is the most important aspect in selling your home. Few people realise though that choosing one is a two step process, and it can be confusing, if you’re not prepared in choosing the best agent for your situation, and knowing what questions to ask once you have decided upon a listing agent.

When starting your search there are a few important considerations and questions that you will need to investigate. First, consider that every seller has a unique situation not only financially, but in many other ways too, such as deadlines for selling, or even times for showing the house to buyers. You will want to find an agent that not only you can work with, but also one that has your best interests at hear. It’s a working relationship, but it’s one in which they are employed by you to sell your home hassle free and for the best price.

Begin your search by investigating all of the different agents in your area. Googling agents in the area and asking friends and neighbours about any that they may have had experience with are two places to begin. Remember though that one persons experience doesn’t mean that you will have the same exact negative or positive one.  After writing down a list of agents take some time to dig a little further by noting how the agents list their available homes. 

Check to see if you’re impressed by the quality of not only pictures, but how well the information is presented about the homes.  Do they make it easy for bidders to make offers?  Be wary of any listing that has grammatical errors, or leaves out vital information such as correct contact numbers. Also, look at the agents websites, and take note of how well their information is displayed, but also see if the site is easy to navigate to find the necessary information about the homes listed. There can be nothing worse than a listing that is extremely hard to find. Potential buyers will click away if your homes’ listing is buried beneath tons of frustrating non essential information. Note too the different forms or types of advertising that each agent has, social media etc. The broader channels your agent uses the better chances your home will sell according to your schedule and price.

After researching your potentials, and deciding on which ones you might like to work with, make an appointment to delve further into their services. Again, write down pointed questions, and their answers to them. Key questions that most home sellers like to know will have a big affect on their wallets, and if their home sells or not. Make sure answers are effectually given to your satisfaction. Here are 6 important questions that you will need to ask.

  1. What is the agents experience, and how much property have they sold in the last year?
  2. Who does the agent see as your most probable buyers?
  3. What is the policy for viewings, and will you receive timely feed back to correct problems?
  4. Can the agent take bids 24 hours a day?
  5. How does the agent screen bidders?
  6. Does the agent use online bidding and will you be automatically updated of any bids?

Finally, when making a decision on an agent to represent you and your home remember to be thorough. If there are any questions that you feel during your interview with a listing agent that suddenly occur to you as important don’t be hesitant to ask. Any confident and qualified agent will be more than happy to openly discuss in a non hurried manner any questions that you might have. Selling your home is an intensely personal one with serious financial matters at stake. You deserve the detailed and caring attention of a professional. Working with any agent should be as stress free as possible, and your home should be presented in its best light, so buyers will come knocking at your door.

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