Selling Your Home Online - What Are The Options?

Beagel is rapidly transforming the real estate market as buyers and real estate agents are turning to the Internet as an avenue for sales.  Selling your home online can be enegmatic.  If you decide to take this path, you should be aware of the process.  

The more educated you are, the better.  

First of all, you must make sure that you know your legal rights.  Contact your solicitors and your bank to ensure title is clear and you are in a position to complete on the transaction.

You then decide if you want to complete binding or non binding sales online.

When selling with Beagel, binding transactions are completed on beagelsold and non biding transactions are completed on beagelbid.
Using beagelsold results in a legally binding contract. This means that you have given your agent a fixed reserve at which to sell the property.  You will also have instructed your solicitor to give the agent all the contracts and advised your bank  you are entering a binding sale.  If you don’t live up to your end of the transaction, the result will be serious legal problems, which can hurt your business potential. and cost you thousands.  

On beagelbid, the offers are accepted subject to contract meaning your solicitor will then evaluate the legal documents associated with the property.

There are benefits to both, depending on your circumstances, and your agent is best placed to advise on which one suits you best.

Always take the time to review our policies and procedures.  There are links to them on the main page. of beagelbid and beagelsold.

If you have trouble locating them, please contact us and we will respond to your inquiries quickly. 

Take all of the advice and use common sense when entering into an online real estate deal.  You will emerge as the winner and have a fabulous home to show for it.

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